Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day!

Happy May Day, everybody!  Yes, I know it's the end of the day and I totally should have written this post first thing this morning, but such is the life of a blogger.  Everyone else's blogs come before my own!

When I was thinking about May Day this morning, I thought, "What is May Day anyway??"  So I looked into it and it ends up that it's of Celtic origin and used to consist of festivals celebrating the true start of Spring (new growth, fresh starts, etc.).  And those little May Baskets that I'm sure you've seen pics of...they used to be left on someone's front door, with the "giver" knocking on the door, then running away!  When the "receiver" opened the door, they would run after the other person, try to catch them and give them a kiss!  I guess I'd rather receive a May Basket than the other stuff pranksters leave when they ring the doorbell and run!  (just sayin')

Then I started thinking about how this tradition pertained to today and realized that each day gives us a chance to start fresh.  That's pretty exciting!  I feel like over the last several months, each day has been leading up to something big...I call that my "knowing" feeling.  I'm so excited to begin the process of my relaunch and it seems like things just keep falling into place...I'm attending a one-day intensive next week with Lara Casey Reps called Making Things Happen.  I'm looking forward to getting really fired up and blazing a new trail!  And who knows...if the mood strikes, maybe I'll start skipping around the May Pole myself!

'Til next time...!

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